Open Canoe Festival

A festivity for and by open canoeists!

Hello dear Open Canoe Friends,
Thank you for visiting our website of the Dutch Open Kano Festival. Since many years we organise a meeting with friends and canoeists in National Park de Weerribben-Wieden. And during these years the group is growing and new friends appear. Last year canoeists from England, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland came to enjoy the Dutch waterways, meet others and share knowledge about all what canoeing contains.

A short introduction about the programm.
Most people arrive Friday and there is a short opening of the Festival at 19.00. This will be followed by two presentations about canoe trips, by Valery Welch and Jolande Linschoten. Saturday we start at 10.00 with a short talk. You can sign up for several workshops from starting canoeing, to efficient paddling, to style paddling. There will be two shifts of various workshops during this Saturday. In the afternoon there is a chance for private lessons, visiting the canoe traders or a talk. Early in the evening there will be a boat-show and style demo’s and time to join the campfires because darkness will be around 21.00. Sunday we start at 10.30 with two shifts of workshops again. And a beautiful longer tour through the National Park. In the afternoon and evening most people pack their stuff, but some stay to leave Monday. All is okay but there will be no programm anymore.

Expert, novice, enthusiast or interested canoeist?
You do'nt want to miss this Open Canoe Festival!

A few items to know. When you come with a tent you do not have to make reservations. When you come with mobile home or caravan and need electricity please do make reservations on   There will be no dinner services at the premessis. There are four small restaurants within 1 mile. The harbour shop sells fresh bread, croissants and some daily groceries each day.

When you arrive please sign in at the “Havenmeester” office. There you will be pointed at a place to camp, further registration and payment is required after signing in. Camping costs Tents pay Euro 7.00 per person per night. Children up to 10 years free. Motorhomes and caravans 20.00 per night. Current 3.00 per night. Dog 7,00 whole weekend.

Dogs are welcome, but: Dogs on a leash. Always clean up the poo. No barking or growling.

Exceptionally, this weekend campfire at the tents are allowed to be fired. Provide a protector under your fire basket or shell. There must be no trace of a fire on departure. No wood may be picked up in the immediate vicinity!

Rent or try canoes!
For the workshops there are a number of specific canoes for rent at Kanoschool Herbie Bird. You can book these canoes through a volunteer. Recreation Centre De Kluft canoes can also be rented. The costs are 21,50 euros per day. Trying out different canoes is also part of this Festival. This year we mark the canoes with a green, yellow or red ribbon, following the example of the German Kringelfiber. Green stands for trial without permission. Yellow stands for trial with permission of the owner. Red stands for just looking at. Also paddling in a solo canoe is an opportunity, try it and have fun!

Knowledge can also be gathered by people who sell canoe materials. There will be some representatives and they love canoeing.

Swift Canoe
Wenonah Canoe
Ally Canoe
Freeranger Canoe
Piper paddles
Grey Owl paddles
Canoe & Survival
Tentipi tenten
Anevay kachels
BSD zeilsets voor kano's
Wooden boats

The Open Kano Festival is organised for and by open canoeists. Feel welcome and have fun.

The canoefriends of the OpenKanoFestival