Open Canoe Festival

A festivity for and by open canoeists!

Program 2021, where do we stand?

The OCF-program for this year is going to be an adventure. Government and RIVM (National Institute of Public Health and enviroment) measures will be prominent. The possible new (and permanent) ‘1,5 meters law’ will be taken into consideration.

The way things are looking now there should be many possibilities at the campsite. Participants of OCF camping will be spread out across all the terrains. So including fields you’ve never been before and may not know. For possible workshops on the water there will most likely be stricter measures. We expect the participants to adhere to these regulations. In order to do this we will need to communicate and help each other.

Considering the situation changes on a daily basis, announcing a program at this time is not feasible. Our goal as an organizational committee is to follow a program that is similar to that of previous years. However we would like to keep you in the loop. So check our Facebook page regularly for current updates and news. Do you have a good suggestion for 1,5 meter regulations? We’re curious to hear your ideas.

It was already favored for campervans, RV’s and caravans to reserve a spot, but now campers with tents can also sign up beforehand. Especially participants who will be joining in groups with friends or club members. The harbor master’s office will be the wheelhouse from which everything will be arranged. Try to arrive a little early and leave a little later, in order to decrease the height of arrivals on Friday afternoon and evening.

If everyone thinks along with us and helps out, we can still have a great event for which the slogan ‘together, and with each other in mind’ is very much true. The slogan ‘nothing is obligated and everything is allowed’ will no longer be used.

We’ll see you soon, on Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021.

The canoe friends of the OpenCanoeFestival